Hair. It’s such an interesting thing. For many people, it’s their most defining characteristic. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t use hair to chronicle their life in some way. I guess it’s not surprising, as it has such a powerful effect on appearance and self-esteem – and it’s the one thing you can change again and again.

We’ve heard plenty of childhood stories about being taunted because of hair – and I’m sure one could write a novel based on a life of hair stories. In this, our first edition, you’ll meet Jennie, a fine, curly-headed girl who envied those “with sleek, straight, fall-into-place hair,” Rowan who didn’t grow any hair at all until she was 2 years old, and Jackie who rues the day she got a teenage perm. Even my own boyhood isn’t off limits. is a chronicle of what we do here at Hairstory Studio – challenge ourselves to host people of every ilk and facilitate amazing experiences for them. Stylist Tony Kelley, colorist Roxie Darling, cutter Wes Sharpton, and a passionate creative team treat our models (who aren’t models at all in the professional sense) with compassion, respect, care, and attention to every detail. These are their hair stories.

– Michael Gordon, Editor-in-Chief

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